Samsung Smart Window

January 27, 2012 § 1 Comment

Wow. This is so Minority Report. It’s so futuristic! I was amazed when it turned into a built-in blinds. Technology is indeed marvellous. The YouTube page had top comments about thieves and kids that make this a pointless promotional tech, but I reckon it’s irrelevant because for those ‘wealthy’ early-adaptors living in a chic apartment with this future gadget won’t have any children. Haha. When they do plan to have children, they’ll leave the city and become a part of a peaceful suburban community where a family oriented lifestyle with a lot of conversation between its members is much appreciated. Or else, they won’t have any money left to afford and enjoy the true potential of such products. Anyway, this is something. But I don’t want it so bad. Not because it’s extravagant but I just don’t see a point of having this at home unless I’m some sort of a big-shot professional with a workaholic lifestyle. Hmm, wait, may be I do. If I would become that kind of person who can afford and more importantly, understand its utilisable functions that can aid my personal and professional life, I would’ve worked very very hard for the money to buy this kind of stuff in the house in the first place. And yes, the money has to come first before. That’s so sad. Or, looking on the bright side (almost), may be I just want to become that person who can spend i.e. the one with an option not to purchase in spite of a sizeable surplus in the bank account. Haha. Enough of daydreaming for today. Anyway, this thing surely is cool as a frosty window. #

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  • davidburger says:

    great blog. i like how you said ‘how can it be classed as work you are doing something you love’
    i am now doing what i love , i have voted and followed you. look forward to more your post

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