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About Reading

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Should I call it as one of my resolutions for 2012? Since 2006, I only have read only a handful of books for myself. I’ve started reading a lot of books lately. In there I could find things that were abstract in my head actually written and published. By being trapped inside the Internet – fuelled by its promptness to spit out all these facts and ideas that lacks discretion – I spent a far too long period of time aimlessly drifting around here and about. To think about what I do and what sort of information or ideas I get from surfing the net would be irrelevant in this post, partly due to my insufficient investigation – but that is to say – if one could even call that an investigation. It’s more like day-dreaming with some bubbling source of a subject or subjects (mostly) and trying to piece together how those shaped myself as who I am right now. This process of connecting the dots makes me realise about myself and furthermore, how I should view the world with my own perspectives, however, at the same time, not try to apply those literal words of authours in an absence of a thoughtful digestion. I’m not trying to experience an ‘enlightenment’ as such but simply trying to make sense of things of the past and the present. Retrospective as it may sound, I personally believe that one could only be free from an enchained past by understanding its inner grounds of the deeds and more importantly, ideas of these times. The process will continue as if it is my second nature. Then, armoured by reason and rationality, I shall be able to walk my path with my own modus operandi along this ever-expanding world of sanity and its mirrored-yet-so-different virtual insanity. #

Rihanna – We Found Love (feat. Calvin Harris)

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Biutiful (2010)

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M:  If I close my eyes then the thoughts start. They make me scared. I called you. I called you many times. I can’t give the children what they need. I’m so sorry I was cruel to Mateo. I’m doing what I can to survive. I really want to be faithful to you, but I also like to have some fun… like a whore.

U:  Don’t say that, Marambra. Forgive me. I’ve never known what I should give you; I still don’t know. Something… I’ve never known. But we have hurt each other so much.

M:  Take me with you on holiday again. At the clinic they have to restrain me…

U:  Calm down. Easy. It will be alright.


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