DJ TUNA – ’13 October YouTube Picks

October 27, 2013 § 1 Comment

★★★★★ Marcus Schossow – Reverie (Michael Calfan Remix)

★★★★ Hard Rock Sofa – Rasputin

★★★★ INPETTO – Girls & Boys

★★★★ DVBBS & Borgeous – TSUNAMI

★★★ Wayne & Woods V Henrix – Jumangee

★★★★ Borgore – Wild Out (Feat. Waka Flocka Flame & Paige)

★★★ Skrillex V Alvin Risk – Try It Out (NEON Mix)

★★★ Carnage & Borgore – Incredible

★★★ Dino & Daddy’s Grove – Walking On Air

★★★ Knife Party – Power Glove

★★★ Style of Eye – After Dark

★★ Michael Woods – Clanga

★★★ Martin Garrix & Jay Hardway – Error 404

★★★ Skitzophrenix – Clap

★★ The Bloody Beetroots feat. TAI & Bart B More – Spank (Dyro Edit)

★★★ Stuart Mclellan – Downtime

★★★★ Birdy Nam Nam – Goin’ In (Skrillex “Goin’ Hard’ Mix)

★★★ Ran-D V Villain – X (XXlerator Anthem)

★★★ Sander Van Doorn – Joyenergizer

★★★ Ran-D, Adaro, Alpha^2 & E-Force a.k.a. A^2 Allstarts – The Resistance

★★★ Hardwell V Martin Garrix, Bassjackers & Sidney Samson  – Animals (Tredsetter Festival TRAP Remix)



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74시간이 흘렀다. #


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무너지고 있는 상황일까. 누구보다도 잘 알지만 그냥 직시하고 있을 수 밖에 없다. 무섭고, 두렵다. 그렇다. #

Hello Asia (2012) – FreeTEMPO x Muzie

January 27, 2012 § 2 Comments

FreeTEMPO의 요즘 근황이 궁금해서 검색을 하다가 지난 1월 17일에 발매된 이 EP를 발견했다. 시부야계-멜로디 천재와 한국형-복고일렉비트 천재가 만나서 진심으로 기쁘다. House Rulez – Star House City 이후 오랜만에 감성과 열정이 적절히 섞인 음악을 들은 느낌이다. 네 곡 모두 너무 좋다. 계속 이런 프로젝트들이 생겨났으면 좋겠다! 아. 정말 상상도 못한 조합인데, 무아지경으로 빠져들어버릴 정도로 좋다. 당분간 이 앨범의 무한반복으로 시간을 보낼 것 같다. #


Samsung Smart Window

January 27, 2012 § 1 Comment

Wow. This is so Minority Report. It’s so futuristic! I was amazed when it turned into a built-in blinds. Technology is indeed marvellous. The YouTube page had top comments about thieves and kids that make this a pointless promotional tech, but I reckon it’s irrelevant because for those ‘wealthy’ early-adaptors living in a chic apartment with this future gadget won’t have any children. Haha. When they do plan to have children, they’ll leave the city and become a part of a peaceful suburban community where a family oriented lifestyle with a lot of conversation between its members is much appreciated. Or else, they won’t have any money left to afford and enjoy the true potential of such products. Anyway, this is something. But I don’t want it so bad. Not because it’s extravagant but I just don’t see a point of having this at home unless I’m some sort of a big-shot professional with a workaholic lifestyle. Hmm, wait, may be I do. If I would become that kind of person who can afford and more importantly, understand its utilisable functions that can aid my personal and professional life, I would’ve worked very very hard for the money to buy this kind of stuff in the house in the first place. And yes, the money has to come first before. That’s so sad. Or, looking on the bright side (almost), may be I just want to become that person who can spend i.e. the one with an option not to purchase in spite of a sizeable surplus in the bank account. Haha. Enough of daydreaming for today. Anyway, this thing surely is cool as a frosty window. #

Alain de Botton – Atheism 2.0

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How witty and inspiring. However, I can’t help thinking he needed more time (or may be I just want some more). Especially on the methods of appreciating the arts and all, this YouTube clip is being plagued with snobbishly biased condemnations that this talk was the worst they’ve seen on TED, failing to see the whole picture and by those who did see, but want to feel good about themselves by picking on his generalisations and somewhat oversimplified suggestions. Well, those people just should need to learn how to take time to digest the ideas presented in front of them – that they’ve chosen to view voluntarily by a physical act of clicking the link in the first place – and be polite to fellow human beings on this communal cyberspace. #

JURD7222 – Research Assignment

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Among 10 essay questions given by the lecturer, I narrowed those down some to focus my reading and planning.  Luckily, I have enough time to finish the 4500 words given that I follow my schedule (and dammit, stick to it.). The question is, to choose which question I should choose to elaborate my thoughts on. I have so much doubts about my academic writing skills and I should get some help from Learning Centre (which I’ve neglected for a year now). Whatever, I need to pass ALL the subjects in the future no matter what. Since this essay requires my thoughts and ideas backed up by the academics on the specified topics, rather than the other way around, which has been the case in my B.Sc degree. Whichever one I would choose, I’d have to start it from somewhere. Let’s focus.

  •  Since the onset of the global economic crisis in 2007, many people believe that modern, western societies and their economic system, capitalism, are in crisis. To what extent do the writings of Marx help us understand the social and legal dimensions of this crisis? [This question sounds easy enough, but I guess most students in the class would be inclined to choose this one among many others.  Well, this one would be my safety option if I fail to think up proper arguments for that Foucault question.]
  •  “The key to understanding any society – for instance, what type of society it is, how complex, how it is integrated, whether or not it is well integrated, etc? – is to understand its legal system”. Does this statement accurately reflect Durkheim’s social theory? If so, why? If not, why not?
  • “For Weber, modern society is far to rational for its own good. It, and its key institutions, including law, are due for a big fall”. Does this statement accurately reflect Weber’s view of rationalisation and its effects on modern law and society? If so, why? If not, why not?
  • Modernity has traditionally been depicted as providing the highest realisation to date of human freedom and equality. Foucault and other so-called postmodern theorists have questioned this understanding of the contemporary western world. What, according to Foucault, is the status of freedom and equality in resent day western societies? What, in particular, is the status of the rule of law as an upholder of freedom and equality? [Currently reading Michel Foucault’s biography by Didier Eribon. However, to talk about Foucault, I have to be able to regurgitate the historical backgrounds of post-modernistic social theories. I cannot yet. May be once I finish this book. I should just finish the book off tonight before I go to bed.]

So there they are. Fortunately the lecturer has given us a list of reading materials for the relevant topics. Well, I doubt I’ll have the guts nor persistence to go over every single piece of excerpts (or should I?). Aye. What’s disturbing me? Anyway, I should just stop worrying about it and start reading. I have a long way to go. #