Philosophy ~ Nostalgia

November 9, 2011 § Leave a comment

What do I know about philosophy? Freud? Karl Marx? I don’t really know. Hmm, but why am I thinking of philosophy. That’s so random. Anyway, I have taken one class about Marxism when I was 18, fresh out of the high school, thinking that I’ve all grown up and ready for this world.  I felt like I could do everything with my own bare hands. Turns out, it’s pretty damn hard. Whatever, I remember I got some good marks from the final exam for that subject. Although it really started out as a philosophy class for ‘beginners’ of the society, talking about social constructivism and all. But I got really lazy during the semester. Mostly doing nothing. Again, so classic. I finished MBC Sitcom Non-stop in about 2-3 days and always sleeping over at Brian’s place during the weekends. I think I’ve missed many classes as well. But I remember in the class, there was something about the tendency of medical professionals making boundaries against the so-called normal people to make themselves superior or something or rather. It’s amazing how I crammed my exams way through and this useless stuff about doctors being a-holes to normal people to make themselves feel good is what I remember after all these years. Haha. Of course there are other stuff I’ve learnt, but, oh well, same useless shit. But the those times spent with the mates from Cumberland campus in 2005 are priceless. Ah, the good times.  Ah, enough of this nostalgia before it gets all sad.  Anyway, all I could recall from that philosophy class was that there was a person called Richard Marx and he is very, err… important; very vague idea about social constructivism and that medical thingy I don’t really give a fuck about. Then I came across Alain de Botton by the book I’ve been given as a present from Eugene Park (such an artistic little bro) when he came to stay at my place for his graduation in May 2011. Hmm, let’s see. There’s 6 years of gap.  Oh, I’ve just realised.  I’ve taken a course at USYD about the philosophy of science.  Ah, good times. Damn. I remember a few things so vividly. It didn’t really take, for me, coming from there to here. Sigh. I hate this nostalgic side of myself.  The reason being for that is, that, even I wanted to write down here and forget about everything, it happens so that I have images so deeply embedded in my mind, so all I could do now before lighting another cigarette is nothing but to just reminisce. Ah, may be I should make another category on this blog so I have somewhere to reminisce. Or may be not. I don’t know. To make it, just makes me a sad person but really, I do think about the past a lot with emotions when I’m by myself.  Do I become retrospective when I’m by myself?  I don’t know the answer for that one as well. But is it good or bad? Well, in the end, does it really matter? If it does, then what’s the use? Wow. I sound like a total nutcase in this post. This post isn’t even about the philosophy. So weird. #

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